Day 13: Amidst the snow capped mountains in Manali

Day 13: Amidst the snow capped mountains in Manali

It was my fourth back to back nights without proper sleep. This time, I was in the bus from Simla to Manali. It was an overnight journey which took just 257rs in the HRTC bus. The journey was quite comfortable with reasonably good roads. As the day broke, I was in Kullu and I could see the beautiful snow covered mountains that seem quite near. We passed on through a beautiful river, called Beas. Manali was an exceptionally beautiful place to be with pine trees around and the mountains at a distance. It was a perfect holiday spot. The temperature here was quite fine and I was surprised to feel comfortable just in my half sleeved T-shirt. As I got here, the first thing that I needed to do was to find an accomodation. Though an expensive place to get an accomodation, I had to take proper rest before I continue on my journey. Also the rest here will help my body in getting acclimatised to the high altitudes. After a tiring search, again, with no single rooms available, I got a double room for 400rs, a little away from the city centre. After keeping my lugguage and getting fresh, I went out to have my breakfast. The shops were just opening up in the morning. I also enquired with regard to my future travel plans, bought a few tickets and came back. Then I had my rest which I badly needed.

I got up in the afternoon and had food from a tibetan restaurant. It was the best chicken biriyani that I have ever had in my life, even better than the hyderabadi biriyani. I then went out to shop for dry fruits and nuts. I decided not to venture out further as I had a challenging journey coming up. A slight rain started and that brought down the temperatures here further. Soon, I had to pack my things up and be prepared for the big day that was ahead.
I was now in my third strategic location of the trip in Manali. I have covered 6678km through 13 cities across 12 states in 13days till now. It may sound wierd that the trip was planned with the intention of going to the places that I am to go from here on. All the other destinations were planned so that the trip would still be worth, if I need to cancel the journey ahead. Its sure a special feeling. I was waiting for this day for so many years. I am now at the doorstep of achieving it.



Location: Manali


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