When did I go:

June 2010

Where did I stay:

There are a lot of small hotels available in the border area. Getting a room wouldn’t be difficult.

Travelograph views:

About Phoetsholing:

Phoentsholing is the border town of Bhutan with India. If you are an Indian and crossing over to Bhutan from India, this will be your gateway to Bhutan. Being the border town, Phoentsholing is also the financial hub of Bhutan. This is also the place where you get permits to enter Thimpu.

Economy of the trip:

Again, as in other places in Bhutan, Phoentsholing is cheap too.

Things you shouldn’t miss in Phoetsholing:

When in Phoentsholing, apart from the permits, you can take a walk along the international border after taking a U-turn from the Bhutan gate to reach a beautiful river. It is one of the most scenic place you will find in Phoentsholing.


Unless you are crossing over from India, there is no reason why you should come to Phoentsholing.

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