Day 4: A dip in the emerald pool in Krabi, Thailand

Day 4: A dip in the emerald pool in Krabi, Thailand


We woke up to our final day in this trip to Krabi, Thailand. Today, we were to fly back to India. But since the flight was only in the late afternoon, I wanted to squeeze in one more outing rather than just laze around in the hotel itself. So I booked this half day tour to the Emerald pool and hot water springs in Krabi.

As usual, the tour guide came to pick us up at our hotel. Since we were to catch our flight back in the afternoon, we checked out of our room, got our 2 small backpacks and got into the bus. We had arranged the tour guy to drop us back directly at the airport instead of coming back to the hotel.

emerald_pool_krabi2We moved on. Unlike the earlier trips in Krabi which were boat trips, this one was overland. So the mini bus took us through Krabi town where more tourists got in. After about 45min, we reached the Emerald pool area. We got down our bus and started walking into the park. There was a clearly laid pathway which was well marked. We could observe that the area that we were walking would have to be streams during the rainy season. Since it was well past the rainy season, there wasn’t much water around. After a short walk, we reached the pool. It was indeed beautiful and the clear emerald colored water was definitely a beauty to look at. We played around a while, took photographs and rested by the side of the pool.

hot_water_springs_krabiAfter spending some time at the pool, we got back to our mini bus and moved on to our next destination. After a 15min drive, we got down and walked towards the park area. There was a good 1km walk to get to the hot springs but the view was good. It was as if we were walking into a forest. We saw the hot spring pool which was actually like a small waterfall and in this steps of the falls, there were rock eroded pits which would act like a natural jacuzzi. The water was indeed very warm and we were tempted to take a dip. We took some photographs and got into one of the pits of water and enjoyed its warmth as the water flowed around us.

After spending a good half hour at the springs, we got back to our mini bus which dropped us at the airport. Thus our 4 day trip to Krabi was coming to an end and we are now flying back with wonderful memories of the time spent here in Krabi, Thailand.

berT & Sarah
Location: Krabi, Thailand

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9 responses to “Day 4: A dip in the emerald pool in Krabi, Thailand”

  1. Hi Berty, do you have any suggestions in terms of where to stay in Krabi? And any idea about how the rough costs for the stay and each of these day trips that you took?

    • The most popular area would be anywhere near the Ao Nang beach. This is a nice area with lots of restaurants and bar around. I stayed a bit away from the beach and it costed me around Rs.3k. Another nice area will be the Railay beach. However, it will be pricier and quite secluded and is reachable by boat only. Day trips were generally around 1500-2000 THB approx.

      • Thanks for the quick response. Would you recommend day trips using the long tail boats as I am on a budget trip? Or is it too time consuming and tiring?

        • I don’t think long tails are worth the savings. Its way too loud and bumpy. You can compare the rates, I don’t think it would be very different. If I am not wrong, there is another category called the big boats. That should be cheaper than the speedboats but a lot slower. However, I would still choose that over the long tail.

          • Thanks Berty. As always very helpful. I don’t see new travelogues from you. Lazy for writing or lazy for travelling? I guess the former 🙂

          • Berty, is it better to convert all INR to THB in India and take there or is it better to get USD in India and take it there? What was your experience?

          • It depends on how good the rates you get for THB/ USD. If the THB rates are good, I would take the amount that I am sure of spending in Thailand and the rest (shopping, etc.) in USD. Even if the rates are bad, I will for sure take the THB for visa fees and a little more to get to my hotel.

  2. Hi Bertie, if you have visited the Siam Ocean World, can you tell me approx how much time is required to spend there?

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