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26 Dec

Day 5: A date with the Mayans in Chichen Itza, Mexico


I woke up early in the morning in Cancun, Mexico. Since I was staying at a hostel dormitory, I woke up quite a number of times when people entered the dorm in the middle of the night as my bed was right next to the door. But I guess I did manage to sleep last […]

25 Dec

Day 4: A solo journey to Cancun, Mexico


I woke up to a rainy day here in Key Largo, Florida. Today, we were planning to drive back from Florida. Our initial plan was to have a quick stop at the Miami beach but the weather played a spoiler. After having our breakfast, we got into our car and started our journey back to Miami. […]

24 Dec

Day 3: Taking a dip in the Bahia Honda beach, Florida

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We woke up to yet another beautiful warm day here in Key Largo, Florida. The southern part of Florida has a number of small islands called Keys. The furthest one is Key West, which we visited yesterday. Today, we were to visit another Key nearby named Bahia Honda. After having our breakfast, we hit the road. […]

23 Dec

Day 2: Exploring Key West, Florida

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I woke up to a cold morning here in Florida. No, it wasn’t the weather outside. It was just the air conditioner turned on in full blast and our laziness to adjust it in the night. JP and Arnab had to fight over the shared blanket but thankfully, I had one for myself and so […]

22 Dec

Day 1: Road trip from Georgia to Florida

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I woke up early in the morning in Augusta, Georgia in my friend’s apartment. Today, we were to go on a road trip to the Florida Keys. Archana was my high school friend from India. We are the kind of friends who don’t keep in touch all the time, but when we do, we talk […]

21 Oct

Day 5: Relaxing in Nagarkot, Nepal

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After a comfortable night’s sleep, we woke up to a beautiful morning here in Kathmandu, Nepal. Since we were coming close to the end of our vacation, we decided to do some shopping. I wasn’t sure if I had enough cash in hand and hence we decided to first go to an ATM. Now, here […]

20 Oct

Day 4: Paragliding in Pokhara, Nepal

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We woke up early to a hazy day in Pokhara, Nepal. It was a big day for us which we were really looking forward to in this trip. Today, we were to do paragliding in Pokhara with the beautiful Annapurna range as the backdrop and the Phewa lake below. However, the haze outside made me […]

19 Oct

Day 3: Enjoying the sunrise over Annapurna from Sarangkot, Nepal

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It was yet another day of early wake up here in Nepal. Today, we were to go and watch the beautiful sunrise over the Annapurna mountain range from Sarangkot. By 5:30am, our driver who was to take us to to Sarangkot had come to our hotel to pick us up. We got into the car […]

18 Oct

Day 2: Traveling by bus from Kathmandu to Pokhara, Nepal

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My morning alarm and the hotel’s wake up call went off almost simultaneously at 5:30am in the morning. Today, we were to travel from Kathmandu to the city of Pokhara in Nepal. While doing my travel research, I found a couple of travel options between Kathmandu to Pokhara. The easiest option was to fly and it would cost […]

17 Oct

Day 1: Watching Mt. Everest on the flight to Kathmandu, Nepal

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“Sir, Howrah! Madam, Howrah!” I woke up to shout by the train attendant who was busy wrapping up used blankets. I pushed aside the curtain to realise that we were the only ones left on the train! We quickly packed up our stuff and got down at Howrah station. Couple of months back, we were looking […]

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