A quick travel guide to Singapore

A quick travel guide to Singapore

Places I visited:

Well, Singapore is a small island country, or rather a city in itself.

When did I go:

March 2011

Where did I stay:

I stayed at one of my friend’s place. And yeah, the lodging out here can be very expensive. Backpackers, beware!!

Travelograph views:

Economy of the trip:

This is quite expensive place to be in South East Asia when it comes to food and lodging. If you are on a tight budget, better keep out of this place!!

Things you shouldn’t miss in Singapore:

Some of the places you should go would be the Sentosa island, Universal studios, Casino, to name a few. Take a trip around the city, you will be amazed by the infrastructure around. A visit to the Chinatown for some souvenir hunting should also be there in your list.


Singapore is a true world class city. But apart from that, there is not much of a tourist magnet out here.

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