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When did I go:

June 2010

Where did I stay:

I stayed in Thimpu. Went to Paro during day.

Travelograph views:

About Paro:

A small little city in Bhutan. The most important thing about this city is that it has the country’s sole airport! But if you love to see some very beautiful buildings, scenery and people, this city won’t disappoint you. It has the Paro Dzong and the beautiful Takshang monastery.

Economy of the trip:

Again, as in other places in Bhutan, Paro is cheap too.

Things you shouldn’t miss in Paro:

Check out the Paro Dzong. But one thing you should never miss in Paro is the Takshang monastery! Its a wonderful 5hr trek but even if you aren’t that “trekking guy”, you can even take help of ponies to get to the top.


If you are going to Bhutan, never miss to go to this place. Its a “must visit” in Bhutan.

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