Planning the big trip

Planning the big trip

“What would you remember in life? Is it the corner office and the other mundane things of corporate life? Or is it the breath taking views of the great outdoors?”
- Tata safari dicor ad

Is this some kind of a terrorist cache? Certainly looks so. These are the things am carrying for the big trip I just started. Try to spot the different things. The golden colored box at the centre is 1.5kg chocolate. That is to serve as an energy boost. You’ll also find my thermals, jacket, clothes, camera, iPod, medicines, etc. And the list goes on. The paper strip you see at the centre is nothing but my train and flight tickets. Count them if you can. Such is the nature of the trip. 
It was exactly 38days back that I had come to Kerala. Since the admission process was almost done, I decided to put in my papers as soon as I get back to office. Now that would give me a 45days of break. The Kashmir trip was there at the back of my mind as a broken dream. And this was the last time I could do something. Hence the big plan unfolded. Now, even if I have to cancel the Kashmir leg of the journey, I can still have a challenging trip. No more clues on the nature of the trip. Wait for my next mail tomorrow.



Location: out of Bangalore

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