A quick travel guide to Indonesia

A quick travel guide to Indonesia

Places I visited:

1. Surabaya
2. Jakarta

When did I go:

March 2011

Where did I stay:

Da Rifi Hostel
Jl. Duku II /190,
Pondok Candra Indah,
Surabaya 60
p. +62 8133 474 3870
f. +62 3415 62713, +62 3186 83714
email: da_rifi@yahoo.co.id

Travelograph views:

Economy of the trip:

Again, Indonesia is another of those economical places that you can be. But popular tourist hubs can be expensive.

Things you shouldn’t miss in Indonesia:

There are a lot of active volcanoes in Indonesia. Try to visit at least one of them. Its an experience you will cherish for a lifetime! A trip to Indonesia is not complete without a visit to Bali. If you can spend a few extra bucks, try the Komodo island too.


Its worth going to Indonesia just to visit an active volcanic mountain. Its an experience in itself. And yeah, then there is Bali. So Indonesia is surely a wonderful place to be.

Also check out the city guides:

1. Surabaya

>> Travelogues and other links on Indonesia

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