A quick travel guide to Bhutan

A quick travel guide to Bhutan

Places I visited:

1. Phoentsholing
2. Thimpu
3. Paro

When did I go:

June 2010

Where did I stay:

I stayed in Phoentsholing and Thimpu. You get a lot of options to stay in these places.

Travelograph views:

Economy of the trip:

Bhutan is very economical by all means. Only thing that you may find a little costly will be the handicrafts and other souvenirs.

Things you shouldn’t miss in Bhutan:

The Takshang monastery, various Dzongs in Bhutan like in Paro, Punakha. The amazing local food.


Bhutan is a beautiful kingdom in the eastern himalayas. Surely it is one of those places in the world where you can spend a lazy vacation at a cost cheaper than in rural India!!

Also check out the city guides:

1. Phoentsholing
2. Thimpu
3. Paro

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2 responses to “A quick travel guide to Bhutan”

    • The term ‘best means’ is a bit confusing, anyways, I’ll tell you the options.
      Fly all the way:
      Druk air flies from Kolkata, Delhi, Bangalore in india on select days of the week. You may check their website. Problem is, getting the permits for which you have to contact their embassy. I believe this will be the most expensive option. Paro is the only airport in bhutan which is 1.5hrs from thimpu.

      Fly to Kolkata or Bagdogra. From Kolkata, take train to new jalpaiguri and then bus to jaigon(border). From Bagdogra, take taxi or bus to jaigon(border). From jaigon, cross over to Bhutan, get permits and then proceed by bus or taxi to thimpu. That’s how I did it. For details, you may check the travel accounts on Bhutan.

      Hope this helps! 🙂

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