Day 9: On a 36hr “travelling break”

June 2, 2009 No Comments by

After about a week’s travel, today, I woke up at my own time. No need for any hurry. No need to plan my day’s travel destinations. Just sit back, listen to my ipod, look at the world outside through the window, occasionally check or send mails. What more could I ask for. This was my kind of a break. I can enjoy all this for the 36hrs as I will be in the cool confines of the train, travelling through parts of west bengal, bihar and uttar pradesh.
It is indeed a welcome break for me. It was a hectic trip so far with a lot of timed challenges. Everything had to happen in a limited time window. But I really enjoyed these challenges. My trip is still not even half way through. I have a long road ahead. In the second half, I will have to face adaptability challenges along with timed ones. But today is surely not a day to think about all those. I will be online most of the day. All your mails are welcome and will be replied to at the earliest.



Location: on train from Guwahati


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