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07 Apr

Day 5: Trekking to the Mt. Pinatubo crater lake in Philippines

I woke up at 4am. Today, we were to go for trekking up to the Mt. Pinatubo crater lake here in North Philippines. It was a photograph of this lake, I saw on the internet back in December 2011 that made me pack up for a trip to the Philippines! Mt. Pinatubo is classified as […]

06 Apr

Day 4: Witnessing the crucifixion in San Pedro Cutud, Philippines

I woke up at 6am. Today, we were to witness a very unusual event here in San Fernando, Philippines. Every year, people re-enact the crucifixion of Christ in real by actually allowing them to be nailed on the cross for the atonement of their sins. Though the catholic church condemns this event, it is still […]

04 Apr

Day 3: Scuba diving into the waters off the Boracay coast, Philippines

We got up at 8:30am. Today, we had to first en cash our traveller’s cheques. So we got fresh and proceeded to the Bank of Philippines Islands (BPI), which processes the traveller’s cheque here in Philippines. Thankfully, we got the cheques encashed without much hassles and we proceeded to do some adventure activities in the […]

03 Apr

Day 2: Enjoying the white sand beach in Boracay, Philippines

We got up at 10:30am. Thankfully, I had a good night’s sleep which I badly needed. We got ready and moved out to get to the beach. Since the beach was just 100m from the resort, we just had to walk over. And as we saw the beach, we were all amazed at the beautiful […]

02 Apr

Day 1: Start of the vacation in Philippines; glitches and beyond

street musicians in Kuala Lumpur

We fly from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Clark(Manila), Philippines to start of this trip. Read on to see how we rush to Manila airport to catch our flight to Caticlan only to face flight cancellations and diversions. All this and more, read the blog.