Day 11: In the summer town of Mussourie

Day 11: In the summer town of Mussourie

“The traveler sees what he sees. The tourist sees what he has come to see.”

– G.K. Chesterton

It was again a pre-dawn arrival at the station as I got down in Dehradun at 4am. The destination for the day was Mussourie, a famous summer destination in these parts of the country.
Since I did not find a good restaurant in the station, I had butter cake, chocolates and tea for breakfast. I then went out in search of a bus to Mussourie. Here, we need to take the ticket from the counter before getting into the bus. I took one, and we started on our journey. The road to Mussourie was good and so was the view. But again, not to be compared to the other hill roads I have been on. After a 1.5hr ride, I got to Mussourie. The weather was warmer than what I had expected. The town centre looked busy with a lot of tourists trying to get to various attractions in and around Mussourie. I was hungry, and so I got into a hotel and had paneer paratha. But this one was quite tastier compared to what we get back in Bangalore. I moved on in search of a bus or shared taxi to Kempty falls. After a brief search, I got a shared taxi that would take me there and back for 100rs. Soon I got to Kempty falls. It was just a small one but seemed a favourite with the tourists. There was also a ropeway which took a 45° uphill and downhill ride for 70rs. I tried it and found it quite ordinary but was surely worth a first experience on a sloped ropeway. After taking some photos at the falls, as usual, I did some small shopping and souvenir hunting. By then, it was time for me to get back to the taxi to get to Mussourie. I had a wonderful lunch and took some rest at the viewpoint. Overall, it was a good hill station in the lines of Nainital. Soon I got back to the bus stand and got into the bus to get back to the Dehradun Station. And with this, all the destinations in the trip with temperate climate has been covered and I will now enter the colder ones. And for that, here I am, yet again waiting at the railway station to get to my next destination.



Location: Mussourie


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