A quick travel guide to Sri Lanka

A quick travel guide to Sri Lanka

Places I visited:

1. Kandy

2. Colombo

When did I go:

June 2011

Where did I stay:

Kandy View Hotel40,
22 Hillpankandura
Ampitiya Road
p. +94 81 4481300f. +94 81 4481301email:kandyview@yahoo.com
Mount Lavinia Home Stay
17/7 Off De Saram Road
Mount Lavinia
p. +94 11 2735205 / +94 0776070677email: priyani09@gmail.com

Travelograph views:

Economy of the trip:

Sri Lanka is a lot cheaper and economical holiday option if you are the budget conscious traveller.

Things you shouldn’t miss in Sri Lanka:

The train ride, Mt.Lavinia beach, you can also go on a circuit around the island in search of beautiful beaches.


Sri Lanka is a nice cheap outing and is good for you to get that extra stamp on your passport. Somehow, I wasn’t impressed by Sri Lanka. In a many aspects, Sri Lanka looks a lot like India and hence if you are an Indian, you would be disappointed if you expected “something new” in your “foreign” trip.

Also check out the city guides:

1. Kandy

2. Colombo

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