Category: Bali Honeymoon

20 Jul

Day 3: Exploring Bali, Indonesia

We got up early in the morning as we were planning to go on a day trip to explore Bali. As we finished our breakfast at the hotel, the tour guide had come to the hotel to pick us up for the Bali tour. We got into the car and started off. Unlike in many […]

19 Jul

Day 2: In and around Kuta in Bali, Indonesia

We woke up pretty late in our beautiful hotel room in Kuta area in Bali, Indonesia. This is one thing I found amazing about Bali; really awesome hotels at a very low price! No wonder this is a honeymoon destination for many, I thought. Since we got up late, going far from day trips was […]

18 Jul

Day 1: A “not so long” layover in Kuala Lumpur

Sarah and I got married on the 13th of July 2013! I had plenty of time to prepare for the wedding and being the person I am, planning for a honeymoon right after the marriage was given! If you want to read how we decided on the honeymoon destination, read my previous blog, Choosing Bali […]

13 Jul

Choosing Bali as a honeymoon destination

Though I had been to Indonesia earlier (remember the blog where I was watching a volcanic eruption!!), I somehow missed this cliched tourist destination in Indonesia, Bali. There are quite a few reasons why I chose Bali as my honeymoon destination. I guess you can use these as a guideline when you choose yours too! Right […]