Choosing Bali as a honeymoon destination

Choosing Bali as a honeymoon destination

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Though I had been to Indonesia earlier (remember the blog where I was watching a volcanic eruption!!), I somehow missed this cliched tourist destination in Indonesia, Bali. There are quite a few reasons why I chose Bali as my honeymoon destination. I guess you can use these as a guideline when you choose yours too!

  • Right season: My wedding was in the month of July. That in itself would make me strike off some of the other lovely destinations I love (Phuket, Boracay, etc.) as its the wet season. But in Bali, this time of the year is the high season!
  • Awesome hotel/resort: All through my other trips, I have stayed in hostels/budget hotels, etc but I knew I cannot do this trip the same way!! 🙂 Bali offers some of the most amazing resorts/hotels at a great bargain! I am not kidding, check it out for yourself!
  • A place to relax: Unlike my other trips, which involves hopping from one country to another every other day, traveling by night, etc, I wanted this one to be different. So it made sense to choose just one destination and spend time over there rather than trying to cover far too many in one trip.
  • Tourist friendly: In stark contrast to the other parts of Indonesia, where let alone english, you will have trouble communicating even the numbers(remember this blog in Surabaya, Indonesia?), traveling in Bali, being a tourist hub, is extremely easy.
  • Visa regime: Indonesia offers visa on arrival for Indians for 25$, which helps you avoid all the paperwork you would have to do otherwise just to obtain a prior visa!

More on the trip and the places we visited in Bali, check out my next blog (trip starts here)!

[approved] Tip: I have not seen another place in South East Asia where you can find really awesome resort at such bargain price! [/approved]

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