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26 Jan

Day 4: A dip in the emerald pool in Krabi, Thailand

We woke up to our final day in this trip to Krabi, Thailand. Today, we were to fly back to India. But since the flight was only in the late afternoon, I wanted to squeeze in one more outing rather than just laze around in the hotel itself. So I booked this half day tour […]

25 Jan

Day 3: The four island day tour in Krabi, Thailand

One of the most popular day tours from Krabi is the “4 island tour”. As I was researching earlier, I had marked to take this tour while in Krabi. As it was the case yesterday, the tour guide picked us up from the Hotel and took us to the boat jetty. We got into the […]

24 Jan

Day 2: Return to the magical Maya Bay, Krabi

There are some places in my travel map that I can never forget. Of all the beaches that I have seen so far around the world, if I have to choose one, that would be Maya Bay in Thailand. A beach so perfect that any other beach that you see after that will look like […]

23 Jan

Day 1: Flying into Krabi, Thailand

It had been a while since I travelled. 2015 was a bit complicated. Or rather, I made the mistake of waiting for things to fall into place before making a travel plan. I have to admit that, in 2015, I lost my way. So, as the year came to a close, I made a promise […]

16 Nov

Day 8: Taking the train ride from Vientiane to Bangkok

We woke up early in the morning at 5am when one of the bus guy called out, “Vientiane!!”. We got out of the bus in the northern bus terminal, Vientiane. It was pretty early in the morning and as we got out of the bus terminal, we found out that it was in fact pretty […]

24 Jul

A quick travel guide to Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful country to go to and spend your vacation. Cities are well connected through inter-city buses, rail and low cost flights. If on a tight budget, you can always avail the services of the “Tuk-Tuk” which offers local commutation at a very low price.

18 Mar

Day 10: Down the equator to Surabaya, Indonesia

We got up late in the morning. We had to go back to Bangkok today. We got ready and took a bus ticket to Bangkok in the afternoon. Pattaya was surely a wonderful place to be. The live music played by the bands during the night was still ringing in our ears. Just sad that […]

17 Mar

Day 9: Celebrating St.Patrick’s day in Pattaya, Thailand

After a very long time, I had a good sleep of 8hrs. I got up at 8am and got ready. Today, we were planning to go to Pattaya, a beach city, 2hrs from Bangkok.We took the skytrain to get to the Eastern bus terminal in Ekkamai. We bought the tickets to Pattaya and got into […]

16 Mar

Day 8: A date with the tigers of the tiger temple in Thailand

A very early morning wake up time of 5am, I was barely able to get up. But managed to get fresh and got to our pick up point for our trip for the day. We got into our minivan and moved on. We passed through the King’s palace and our guide was explaining about the […]

15 Mar

Day 7: A foodie’s day in Bangkok, Thailand

Early in the morning we were moving through the outskirts of Bangkok. It looked like a true megacity. By 7am, we reached the South terminal in Bangkok. We got down and now we had to find our way to the hostel. Here nobody could speak in english and neither could we find an information centre. […]

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